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Hakon Adjustable Suspension - Save Up To $700 🔥
Hakon Adjustable Suspension - Save Up To $700 🔥

Gktech S14/S15 High Clearance Adjustable Swaybar

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One of the biggest issues when looking for additional steering lock is clearance and one of the things that gets in the way is the swaybar.

We have developed an adjustable swaybar which not only has lots of clearance due to it's unique 3 piece design in the wheel well but as the main rod in the engine bay can be rotated up or down it has amazing clearance for those who have done engine swaps. Ie. RB, 2JZ, LS AND VQ35/37 motors etc all clear with ease.

This is now a complete bolt on swaybar solution, including the OEM mounting brackets which were previously unavailable.

- Will support 70+ degrees of steering lock (your tyre will hit the chassis rail before the swaybar lever)
- CAD designed and FEA tested
- Manufactured from spring steel (50CrV4) with a 25.5mm OD.
- Stiffness of 1087 Lbf/in / 192 N/mm, with motion ratio of 0,53 and a roll stiffness of 576 Lbf/in / 101,8 N/mm.
- Adjustable in stiffness with 3 holes that increase/decrease the length of the lever arm, which causes the force applied on the torsion bar to be increased/decreased.
- Includes new polyurethane D bushes. Does NOT include swaybar end links however the OEM style can be used and we do sell a replacement set.

NOTE: Will not fit on Skylines

NOTE#2: Will not fit with caster rod/K frame bars although Will fit with the Nismo Power Brace but ONLY on S14/S15's (not S13's with the Nismo Power Brace)

NOTE#3: WILL fit with any JZ, LS, RB and VQ35/37 engine swap. There is HEAPS of clearance


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