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Toyota 4AGE 16V Adjustable Cam Gears - Kelford Cams

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$526.70 - $526.70
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Torque to 45 Inch Pounds “/lb

Our 4AGE Engine Cam Gears are made with state-of-the-art CNC machinery, ensuring highest quality production runs and standards. Kelford Cams design & manufacture precise tolerances with quality levels, that are unmatched in the industry. Crafted from premium 6061 T6 aluminum, our gears have been CNC-machined with even tighter tolerances than the original OEM gears, resulting in increased belt lifespan. Their strength and longevity also come from the hard anodized tooth edges, ensuring excellent performance. Precise degree markings are then laser etched onto the cam gear to assist in the tuning of engines. Reliable high-quality fasteners and a heli-coil thread insert in the ring gear to ensure maximum torque without any worry about stretching or fatigue. Adjust our 4AGE Engine Cam Gears confidently, knowing that our product can be adjusted multiple times with confidence that the threads will not stretch or fatigue.

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