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Monsta Terrain Gripper A/T or L/T Tyre

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If you do a lot of miles in your 4×4 and a lot of those miles are on the road, you need a tyre that can give you a comfortable ride on the road and reliable performance when you head off-road.

The Terrain Gripper is the Jack of all trades when it comes to 4×4 tyres. But don’t think it’s a master of none. It’s actually a master of ALL.
The Terrain Gripper features a unique tread design that gives grip through loose and wet conditions but also provides a quiet ride on the tarmac. They’ve been rigorously tested and we know that they’ll stand up to almost anything you can throw at them. As you’d expect from a 4wd tyre, the side walls are ply rated for extra loads and have grip on them to aid traction. The grip is also specially designed to push water away from the tyre meaning the depth of the grip is not lost through wet mud.
A quiet, comfortable ride on the road is achieved due to the tread design giving a larger surface area that’s connected with the road at all times. That means you don’t get the rumble and vibration that you would normally get from off-road tyres.
Then there’s the style. The side on view is definitely the Terrain Gripper’s best angle. They combine an aggressive look with a touch of retro in there for good measure. If 90% of your time is spent on the roads, you’ll definitely turn some heads. In the back end of nowhere where there aren’t any heads to turn, you’ll still get the performance you need. Really the only downside to taking these tyres off road is that you’ll end up getting that awesome white sidewall lettering muddy. You’ll just have to give them a quick scrub before you head back into town!

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