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Aeroflow Remote Oil Filter Head & Thermostat - AF64-4112

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Perfect for use with Aeroflow oil coolers, this Billet Aluminium remote filter head and thermostat combines the engine oil filter and oil thermostat in one convenient unit. This is great for those wanting to remove extra lines and fittings required to run the thermostat in an separate location and frees up extra space for conversion cars.

The built-in thermostat is the AF64-4111 which helps maintain engine oil temperature by holding the oil until it reaches operating temperature at (82°C) 180°F when the thermostat is fully open to allow full flow to the oil cooler. It will self-adjust flow according to the oil temperature to maintain a constant operating oil temperature just like a coolant thermostat would operate.

The main body is made from billet 6061 aluminium, then anodised black for great looks and corrosion resistance. This features four labelled inlets and outlets -10AN ORB ports provided for plumbing the engine oil to and from the sandwich adapter and the oil cooler. Two 1/8” NPT ports and plugs are provided for auxiliary sensors. The filter head attached has a 3/4"-16 filter thread insert supplied with kit. We recommend either a AF2296-3001 (Ryco Z9) larger oil filter with internal bypass or AF2296-2008 (Ryco Z145a) smaller oil filter with no internal bypass. Other oil filters may be used if the sealing O-ring on the filters provided above have the same inner and outer dimensions to allow the oil filter to seal.

To run this product correctly a sandwich plate adapter or block head adaptor must be installed onto engine to allow the lines to run to the external oil cooler. Use Aeroflow Performance products such AF64-2076 billet remote block adapter adapter.

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