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Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch Kit NSK-8821HD Nissan Navara D23 NP300

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Do you have a lightly modified vehicle that's used in sports vehicle or a load-carrying vehicle? Improve and restore proper performance with one of EXEDY's Sports Tuff Heavy Duty Replacement Clutch Kits. EXEDY manufactures a wide-range of replacement clutches and is well-known for their quality Sports Tuff racing clutch assemblies, friction discs, pressure plates, flywheels, and more.

EXEDY is a global supplier of sport series clutches and power-train parts for motor vehicles, designed and built to OEM specifications. Clutch options are available for Japanese model vehicles as well as American and European model vehicles.

EXEDY Sports Tuff HD replacement kits have a reputation for durability, advanced engineering and the highest quality that will out-perform competitors. With a design using the latest technology and quality parts, the EXEDY Sports Tuff HD clutch exceeds industry standards.

All EXEDY Sports Tuff HD Clutch Kits include advanced technology and friction material will withstand torque and power outputs.

If your manual-transmission has less than 80,000 kms on it, it doesn't mean that your clutch is performing at optimum levels. Clutch longevity is directly related to driving style; if you've been heavy on the clutch or driving in start and stop traffic, it's possible that your clutch is ready for a replacement with a higher quality clutch kit that includes new technologies like puller clutch strings and carbon-fiber friction material. Note: All car manufacturers categorise ""wearable"" items on their cars that are not covered by warranties, and clutch assemblies are on that list.

All of the EXEDY clutch kits are designed for a wide range of makes and models. Whether you're looking for a factory style replacement or a performance clutch kit for your vehicle, Automotive Superstore has an entire line of EXEDY Clutch Kits online, including OEM Replacement, Sports Tuff, Safari Tuff, Racing Clutch and Truck Tuff. Use our search function, vehicle finder or contact one of our friendly staff for your new Exedy clutch.

For flywheel depth [mm]: 6
Hub Profile: 25,4x24T
Number of Teeth: 24
Friction lining outside diameter [mm]: 275
Flywheel Profile: recessed flywheel

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