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A common issue that affects a cars coolant temps is air. Air is far less efficient at cooling than coolant. Air can also become trapped and create heat pockets throughout a coolant system.

The GKTECH coolant breather tanks are designed to be a more efficient way to fill and maintain the cooling system, and ensure any air in your system can escape. By connecting common points throughout the coolant system the breather tank allows your system to vent so no air bubbles will get trapped in the system causing coolant to not flow optimally and cause your car to overheat. One of the most crucial aspects to maintaining your engine and your car's general performance, is ensuring your engine can run cool, and the cooling system can operate as intended.

Capacity: 0.4L
Size: 60mm diameter x 195mm length
4 x 5/16" / 8mm Barbed Ports
Blank cap included to suit Nissans

Some further info on why a coolant breather tank (aka coolant swirl pot) is such a great idea can be seen here:

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