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Grip Royal Rotator Spacer Kit

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This rotator spacer kit works to correct the orientation of the GR steering wheel when using other-brand hub adapter kits. Some vehicles allow the hub adapter to be turned and installed on the steering column in any direction. Some, on the other hand, do not. This kit will allow you to use your other-brand hub adapter as that company originally intended and instructs. Install your hub adapter, then bolt this spacer onto the hub, correcting the orientation to match that of the Grip Royal steering wheel. You can then bolt the quick release unit or steering wheel on and it will not be misaligned (crooked, sideways, turned, etc.).

Our rotator spacers are made in-house from domestic 6061-T6 grade Aluminum and have a black anodized finish.



-Rotator Spacer x1

-Stainless Steel flat-head allen bolts for steering wheel

-Stainless Steel flat-head allen bolts for spacer

-Allen Key

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