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Mach 2 TMS Recirculating Diverter Valve - Kia Stinger (2 valves included) - GFB 9112

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Utilising Proven TMS Technology To Ensure Dependable Boost Holding And Optimum Throttle Response

If you don’t need the patented venting bias adjustment feature of the Respons or Deceptor Pro, the Mach 2 is the answer.

Using GFB’s TMS technology for the Kia Stinger the Mach 2 can help return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than the factory diverter valves during throttle modulation.

  • Recirculation model for direct factory replacement for performance without the noise
  • Atmosphere venting kits to convert the recirculating valve if you want noise with your performance

The T9112 Mach 2 kit is a direct bolt-on for the Kia Stinger V6 twin turbo. No additional adaptors, parts or vehicle modifications are required – simply remove the factory bypass valves and replace them with the Mach 2 valves – it’s that simple!

The Mach 2 is configured as a 100% recirculating valve (i.e. bypass, plumb back) and add on kits are also available to convert to 100% atmosphere venting. Use the recirc model for direct factory replacement when you want the performance WITHOUT the noise! Add the conversion kit when you want some noise with your performance!

Factory bypass valves have two main shortcomings – one is that they are typically designed to blow open above a certain boost pressure to protect the engine, and the other is they are not optimised for throttle response.

The Mach 2 solves all of these issues. It can effectively hold unlimited boost (unlimited in that no turbo could ever produce enough pressure to damage it), and the TMS technology ensures maximum throttle response.


To convert the T9112 Mach 2 to atmosphere venting, simply purchase two 25mm hose plugs (5525) and leave the outlet open to atmosphere. Optionally, for louder venting sound you can replace the outlets with 2 standard trumpets (6110) or 2 whistling trumpets (5702).

GFB’s range of direct bolt-on blow off valves give YOUR Kia Stinger the sound you want, and the performance to go with it! Stinger kits available, part numbers T9112, T9212, T9012, T9013

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