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Monsta Street Series Tyre

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$149.00 - $269.00
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The Street Series of tyre is the newest addition to the Monsta Tyres collection. You’re probably more accustomed to seeing Monsta Tyres on 4x4s giving them a tough edge but now we’re pleased to offer up a tyre that regular car divers will love.
The street series has gone through the same design and engineering process as our other 4×4 tyres. This time though, different Australian conditions have been taken into consideration. For example, it’s no secret that it gets hot here – and that means the tarmac gets hot too. Very hot in fact. In January 2017, the town of Bourke in Western NSW reported that their roads were actually melting when the temperature reached a record, 49 degrees Celsius. But what does that mean for tyres? Well, although the temperatures may be high during the day (which increases your tyre pressure), when the temperature drops at night, you could actually lose pressure in your tyres meaning more wear and lower fuel consumption. For every 1 degree drop in temperature, you loose roughly 0.19 PSI of pressure. It doesn’t sound much but it all adds up after a few degrees drop.
Through rigorous testing and carefully chosen materials, the street series tyre has been designed to reduce the effect of temperature changes on your tyre and give them more longevity, grip and fuel efficiency.
Our Street Series tyre is also bring back a very special look. Like our off road tyres, the Street series will rock a retro look with white lettering on the sidewall. Some people paint letting on, others glue it on. We are the only tyre manufacturer currently supplying tyres with the lettering built in to the rubber. No messy glue and no short term paint jobs. Plus, if you like the performance of the street series but you don’t like the writing, all you need to do is flip the tyres around so that the writing is on the inside. Too easy!

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