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RB20, RB25, RB26 Cam Sensor - 24-1 Trigger Kit

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CAM trigger with a 24 -1 teeth configuration and a VR Reluctor Sensor.

CNC Machined - Billet Top plate in anodizing silver.
CNC Machined - 24-1 Trigger with Gold Passivated Zinc Coating.
VR Sensor with male/female 2 Pin Deutsch Connectors
Stainless Steel washes & bolts
Laser-cut Stainless Steel spacers

All machining is carried out in New Zealand

What benefit is there to fit one of these kits once tuned?
Improved idle for one, far more accurate timing can be achieved and in most cases, better timing and fueling means more power and torque. 

Note: Supported ECU’s that CAN run the kit are:
Link G3, G4 and G4+, Haltech Elite and platinum sport, Emtron & Motec 100series, Adaptronic, Maxx ECU, ECU Master Black

ECU’s that CAN'T run this are as follows:
AEM, Apexi Power FC, FuelTech & Haltech Platinum Pro Plug in, nzwiring, NisTune, OEM ECU, ECU Master Classic

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