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Hakon Suspension, new stock landed now!
Hakon Suspension, new stock landed now!

Valvoline HP 85W-140 Gear Oil 4L

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Valvoline HP 85W-140 Gear Oil

  • Recommended for use in automotive manual transmissions, hypoid differentials & spiral bevel rear axles/transaxles where an API GL-5 gear oil is specified.
  • Suitable for use in passenger car, 4WD, SUV, light and heavy commercial applications where API GL-5 specification is recommended.
  • Fights the major causes of gear failure - deposits, rust & wear.
  • Can be used in Limited Slip Differentials (LSD capability).


Formulated to meet the requirements of driveline manufacturers who recommend an API Service Classification GL-5 gear oil and is suitable for use in standard and limited slip differentials. Valvoline HP 85W-140 Gear Oil contain excellent extreme pressure performance additives coupled with LSD capability, ensures superior gear lubrication for passenger car and trucks whilst offering excellent thermal oxidation stability and corrosion protection.

Blending engine oils since 1866, Valvoline have not just been making them longer than anyone else, they have been improving them longer than anyone else. This century and a half of creating and innovating oils and lubricants makes it's hard not to look past the quality, heritage and range of Valvoline oils.

Bringing to market some of the highest quality lubricants, cleaners and engine oil, Valvoline is a name trusted by millions of car enthusiasts worldwide. 

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