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People running lowered cars, with body kits don’t have the room to get a jack under their car to access a jacking point, even to simply look under their car to inspect something. Therefore requiring a ramp to make all this possible. Gone are the days of lugging around a heavy, noisy, impractical steel ramps, which over time can lead to welds breaking and compromising personal safety, and damage to the vehicle. 

We now present to you the GKTECH low profile ramps which are designed to not slide forward when driven onto, have a lip on the edge so you don’t drive off the ramp, and are made from a lightweight yet strong PolyproPylene(PP) plastic weighing only 1.7kg each.

The ergonomic design of the ramps means that moisture is directed away from the tyres and any areas where grip is necessary. Also avoiding deteriorating tyres when storing a car, by not leaving the car on concrete which is know to damage tyres over time. Also keeping it on a stable surface and suspension loaded, as oppose to jack stands which keep the suspension unloaded and is unnatural for the car.  

Length: 710mm 
Width: 200mm
Lift height: 65mm

Optional Extra: 
The perfect storage bag for your GKTECH Super Low car ramps is here. Made specifically for the GKTECH ramps, this will make storing and carrying your ramps to and from the track so much easier.

1 bag fits a pair of ramps.

NOTE: Sold as a PAIR
NOTE: Store/Carry bag is an optional extra  -

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