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Hakon Suspension, new stock landed now!
Hakon Suspension, new stock landed now!

LINK Honda HC20X Plug-in ECU ECU

Original price $2,639.25 - Original price $2,639.25
Original price
$2,639.25 - $2,639.25
Current price $2,639.25
Designed for the K20A engine.

·Please check your connector matches the header in the listed photo before purchasing.

Suitable Applications (Manual Transmission only):

Honda Integra Type R DC5 2002-2004 with K20A/K20A2/K20A3
Acura RSX 2002-2004 with K20A/K20A2/K20A3
Honda Civic Type R EP3 2001-2005 with K20A
Honda Civic Si/SiR 2001-2005 with K20A3
Honda Civic DX/LX/HX 2001-2005 with D17A1/A2/A3
Honda CR-V 2002-2004 with K24A1
Key Features:

Reverse Lockout Control
Electrical Load Detection
Onboard 7 bar MAP sensor.
2x General Purpose Expansion Plugs (includes E-Throttle pins)
16 x Auxiliary Outputs (10 of which are PWM capable).
Injector Drives 5-8 are available for Staged Injection (some rewiring required).
10 x Digital Inputs exposed (all capable of reading frequencies up to 10kHz)
4 x Temperature Inputs (configurable pull-ups on ANT1&2)
12 x 0-5V Analog Inputs
2 x Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors)
2 x CAN ports
3 Axis Accelerometer
Motorsport features – including Anti-lag, Launch Control, Flat Shifting, Traction Control
512MB of Internal Data Logging Memory

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