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Monsta Mud Warrior M/T Tyre

Original price $299.00 - Original price $589.00
Original price
$299.00 - $589.00
Current price $389.00
This is the Mud Warrior tyre. It’s the tiger of the off road driving world. It’s born and bread to do one thing very well. And that’s ripping apart small areas of outback one rotation at a time.
Also like a tiger, it looks aggressive but at the same time Awesome! From the side wall tread to the white lettering, this tyre rolls around like it’s king of the urban jungle AND the actual jungle! Oh and by the way, you won’t find that white lettering on any other tyre. Some people paint or glue it on but only Monsta Tyres produce tyres with white lettering built into the rubber of the tyre
But it’s not all about looks. This tyre walks the walk and talks the talk. The tread is specifically designed to push water and thick mud away from the tread; which means you get great traction even in the wet. It also features an extra load ply rating meaning it will stand up to everything you can throw at it.
The Mud Warrior has been put through its paces. It has been designed and engineered in Australia to stand up to Australian conditions. It has then been thrashed around to breaking point and proved itself to be made of some seriously tough stuff.
Though this tyre is designed more for those who need to get through tough conditions, this tyre can be used on the road. It’s not a quiet as our all-terrain tyre, the Terrain Gripper but it is still one of the best on the market in terms of on-road comfort.

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