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PRP RB Twin Cam Baffled Cam Covers

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Welcome the world's first fully functional RB baffled cover. Now you can effectively baffle the top end of the notoriously heavy breathing RB with some high volume cam covers.

We've designed our cam covers to include baffles to go over a maze of pathways machined into the inner base of the cover. Years of CFD simulation and design work went into these to create as much surface area to allow oil particles to be separated from the air mixture though it’s intense but clever design.

Aside from awesome baffling we have decided to offer 2 outer profiles, one smooth and clean and the other with retro fins and a raised PRP Logo lettering option, with the anodizing licked off the top for a silver striped look as per our rendered images all available in the 12 PRP colours as you would expect. The smooth style has the option of laser engraving as well as machined engraving costs to be quoted on a case by case basis. (We are considering a raised plaque section instead of the PRP logo but we will see) we’re always open to specific requests.

Best part is these covers have been manufactured to accept the OEM gasket for ease of installation as well as the OEM oil cap thread so that you can retain your favourite oil cap.

Watch the video below for an in depth analysis of these world class baffled cam covers.


Installation Warning

Please ensure you apply Loctite on the supplied hardware when installing your baffle plates inside the cam covers. Failure to do so could result in engine damage!

  • Finned cover design comes with the PRP raised Logo. Smooth cover design comes with no logo. If you require any custom logos or designs please feel free to contact us or leave a note on your order.
  • If you are after a set of dry sump covers but also would like to run an oil cap please leave a note and you are able to purchase the oil cap separately.
  • These cam covers include -12ORB threads in the 2 breather ports.

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