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VTA - Late model Audi, VW, Skoda & Seat 1.2 $ 1.4TSI - GFB T9430

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The Latest Addition To The VTA Range Is A Blow-Off Valve Designed Specifically For Late-Model Audi, VW, Skoda, And SEAT 1.2 And 1.4TSI Models.

These engines come from the factory with no diverter valve of any kind, which results in turbo compressor surge every time the throttle is closed after boosting.
The intake is acoustically tuned to suppress the fluttering sound of compressor surge, but it does not eliminate the effect of pressure pulses – that is what diverter and blow-off valves were originally designed to do.

The GFB VTA re-introduces a blow-off valve into the 1.2/1.4 TSI system, which eliminates compressor surge to protect the turbo, and delivers the signature blow-off “whoosh” when lifting off the throttle.
Because these engines do not run a MAF sensor, there is no chance of adverse drivability or fuelling issues.

The VTA clips directly into the turbo’s charge piping,  replacing a short plastic joiner with a billet CNC machined section onto which the VTA mounts. The kit also includes a boost tee and vacuum hose that clips onto one of the manifold vacuum ports to source a vacuum signal for the VTA valve. This boost tee has a second port that can be used to connect a boost gauge (not included), or plugged off if not required.

The whole kit can be fitted in minutes with no tools.

Key features:

  • TMS Technology for faster boost recovery on gearshift and during throttle modulation
  • Improved boost holding ability
  • Atmosphere venting for blow-off sound
  • Simple, direct bolt-on kits include everything you need to install
  • Manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 9001



  • VW Scirocco Mk3 2.0t FSI
  • AUDI 1.2/1.4 TFSI/TSI 2013-On
  • AUDI 1.2/1.4 TFSI/TSI 2013-On
  • VW 1.2/1.4TSI 2014-On
  • VW 1.2/1.4TSI 2014-On
  • VW 1.2/1.4TSI 2014-On
  • AUDI 1.2/1.4 TFSI/TSI 2013-On
  • VW 1.2/1.4TSI 2014-On
  • SKODA SKODA 1.2/1.4 TSI 2014-On
  • SKODA SKODA 1.2/1.4 TSI 2014-On
  • VW 1.2/1.4TSI 2014-On
  • SKODA SKODA 1.2/1.4 TSI 2014-On
  • SKODA SKODA 1.2/1.4 TSI 2014-On

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