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The GKTECH Z33 350Z/V35 Skyline Adjustable Polyurethane engine mounts are a direct replacement of the standard items and will help reduce engine and gearbox movement to get the power to the ground. Particularly useful in a drift car where the car is off and on the throttle although all forms of motorsport will see an improvement in the feel of the car but without the drastic increase in vibrations that the solid mounts see.

Our multi-piece construction makes these differing to most Polyurethane engine mounts in that these don't just run a bolt all the way through a block of Polyurethane rather the 2 sides are separate and join by the Polyurethane material. Our mounts also have the added benefit of including 2 different stiffness Polyurethane inserts that firstly allow you to adjust the stiffness of the mounts but secondly, they allow the mounts to be rebuilt should the need arise. 

- CNC Machined main body from 6061-T6 billet aluminium and anodized black
- Both 70ShA and 80ShA Polyurethane inserts included for adjustable stiffness
- Rebuildable by simply replacing the inserts
- Replacement part for Nissan part numbers: 11220-CD002 or 11220-CD000

Vehicle Compatibility: 
- Nissan Z33 350z
- Nissan V35 Skyline

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